Petrified Wood Console

Ref: Special Piece

Material: Petrified Wood Top with Stainless Steel Legs

Colour: Natural (black) with Silver Legs

Size: L 200cm | W 60cm | H 76cm

RRP: $ 3,499

Fossil or Petrified Wood from Indonesia 

Indonesia has the largest deposit of petrified wood in the world.

At the end of the Tertiary era (5.3 to 2.6 million years ago), a dense tropical forest, made up of a teak and palm trees, covers the Indonesian volcanic chain from Sumatra and Bali to the west of Java.

From time to time, the volcanoes became active. The force of the eruption was such that surrounding forests were uprooted. A thick layer of burning volcanic ash covered them.

The nearest trees were consumed, those insufficiently covered rotted away.

But those between these two extremes benefited from ideal conditions. They became naturally sterilised by the heat which destroyed bacteria normally found in decay.

It gradually replaced the wood, molecule after molecule, by minerals such as quartz, agate or marble, hence preserving the shape of the trees and even their cells.

Petrified trees are sometimes found in streams, but the most beautiful pieces are found buried several meters deep.



All of our products are handmade.

Each product will be slightly different in shape, colour and size. You will never find two identical items, but that adds to the natural beauty of the furniture.

Like humans, nature also gets older, and with the time the timber of our furniture may split, crack, or dry. This is a natural process and we believe that imperfections are in fact a perfection.

If you have any concerns about how certain products will “age” feel free to contact us and we will advise you on how your furniture may change overtime and if it suits your particular climate and environment.

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